Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th

I would like to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July.

Thanks to all the men and women in the past, present and future that fight for our freedom. I pray for all of them to be safe.

There is another thanks that is due. This one goes to Beth. While at the Hoosier Hills Fiberarts Festival she gave me a bag of fibery goodness. There was so much good stuff in there I just have to show you a picture so you can experience my joy.

Top Left to Right: Light blue ball - Thrumbs from Spinderella, Pink & Grey - Spunky Eclectic wool blend, Blue, Teal & Gold - Australian roving from Hollyspring, Green & Yellow - Shetland Kool aid dyed.
Bottom Left to Right: Pink & Orange - BFL Kool aid dyed, Rainbow - pre-drafted coils of Superwash merino, Purple, Blue & Brown - Crown Mountain Farms Pencil roving, Blue, Purple & Green - Crown Mountain Farms 50/50 Merino/Tussah silk, Light Cotton Candy Pink - Ingeo (corn)

Here are some closeups for your drooling pleasure.

Beth said that they were just little samples so I could see what some of the fiber was like. I call it manna from heaven. :) Really how could free fiber be a bad thing? I have been petting and fondling it for a while now. Guess I need to start spinning it. I am sure that it will make some really cute mini skeins. Maybe I will have enough of some of it for something for James or I could use it all and make an interesting scarf or hat. Guess I will figure that out when I get to that point.

Have you been looking for yarn or fiber? I am sure that by now you know that the old Destash site has been defunked. Well there are 2 more that I know of that have started up from that. I have them both listed on my side bar. The first one is Destash!. The second one is Yarn Sale or Swap (YSOS). I have listed some things on there. If you might be interested stop on over and take a look.

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