Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Little Shrug Tease Please

Well here are the beginnings of my Cocoon Shrug from Annie Modesitt. Cool colors aren't they?! I just love the Lona's Laces. It knits up so well and is machine washable! Just being machine washable is BIG in my book! The colors that I am using are Chocolate and Tuscany. They work really well together. I am more of a earth tone person so I really liked the colors together. They remind me so much of fall and all the gorgeous colors that are on the trees.

This is a fun knit. I really like watching the pattern emerge as I go. The twisted float rows are a little more time consuming than the garter stitch ones, but they look so cool on the "right" side.

I really hope to have it done before it gets cool again. Of course the way that the week looks like I am not going to get to wear it any time soon. They are calling for high 90's and humidity on top of it. It has been warm lately and I just haven't been knitting on it because I just don't want it laying on my lap for that long. So I know that it is going to be nice for those cool days this fall and winter.

No, I haven't gotten any pictures of it lately. I know, I know.... I need to get some new pictures. Maybe I will get the time tomorrow to snap a few quick pictures of it.

Here is the beginnings of it on 16" needles. Isn't it cute!?

Here is the "right" side. It has the twisted floats in brown. Cool aren't they?!

Ok, so I found something that I didn't like. Something is really wonky here. I don't know what happened, but I didn't like it so it was frogged back. Glad that I noticed it before I got too far.

So that is my very late in coming update on my shrug. It is much farther I swear. I am actually working on the first arm, so I am getting closer to having it done. I am really excited to get it finished. I really wish the weather would cool off so I could stand to have it in my lap to work on it. Oh well. I am getting some other knitting done at least. More on that later too. ;)

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