Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Mother's Day Gifts

Yeah I know that this is late and it is almost Father's Day, but it is better late than never right?.

I made wash cloths for my Mom and my Mother-In-Law. They came out really well. The pictures are after they have been washed and dried. I think that they came out really well. They are so soft! I also got some homemade soaps to go with them.

It is so hard to figure out something to get them. I wanted something that they could use so I thought that they would like something that I made that they can use as well. They seemed to like them. My Mom is already using hers, so at least I know my time was worth it for her. I don't know if my Mother-In-Law is using hers or not. I am sure if she isn't using them she has them proudly displayed somewhere in the house. :)

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