Monday, August 07, 2006

The Final Pictures of the Frisky Shrug

As I had said a while ago, the frisky shrug is finished. It is finally to it's owner and out of my hands. Yeah! I swear that the thing was out to get me. I had to reorder yarn twice! I really think it was eating it at night.

It turned out really cute. I really liked the softness and fuzzy qualities of the yarn. Despite all the hurdles I had to jump to get it done, it was still a fun knit. I would knit it again if I had a request for it. Heck I might even knit one for myself.

I am so glad that she liked it. Granted it turned out a little bigger than I anticipated, but she can grow into it.

Here are the final pictures of it before heading to my niece.

Here is my niece modeling it for me. Isn't she pretty!? She looks so much older than 14! Her Daddy is going to have to keep that shot gun close by to keep the boys away that is for sure.

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