Monday, October 30, 2006

Diaper Bag Finished!!

Here it is. It is finished! It is felted and their name is needle felted on it. This is the first time I have ever needle felted so I am not exactly happy with that part of it. What I had in my mind was quite different than how it turned out.

The Malabrigo felted up so nice and it went so quick. It took maybe 5 minutes to get it completely felted. That is the fastest I have ever felted anything before. It came out a really nice and soft fabric. It is thick enough for what it is meant for and the feel is just wonderful.

In addition to the bad I bought a few things for the new baby as well. It just isn't right to give an empty diaper bag. :)

Here we have the back of the bag. It looks the same as the front, but without the name on it.

Finally here is the bag full of it's contents that are just waiting to go to it's new owner. Now to get it to them. Guess I need to make a call and see when they will be home hu?.

Bag Up-right

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