Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Can I have a Do Over?

Thanks to all that have sent me messages checking up on us. Here is what have been going on the past month and then some.

At the beginning of January James ended up sick. We believe that it was from taking him to the Cincinnati Museum Center. He had gotten family passes for Christmas and so we decided to take a trip there while Kevin still had time off from work. It came back to bite us in the butt. A few days later he came down with a head cold. Guess I am glad that I put off having his Birthday party until later in the month. That was a week plus that I had a toddler completely glued to my side. He refused to go to Kevin at all! I even had to take James to the bathroom with me.

Next came the chaos of trying to get down all the Christmas decor and to get everything together for James' party. He wanted Thomas the Train is year, so I had to go to the party store to get the stuff. No running to the big box stores for this one. Then he decided that he wanted a pinata. Of course the store that we were at were out of them so we had to go across town to get it. I have to admit that it is pretty cool. It was a pull string pinata. If you have never seen these essentially they are made for little kids where there are a bunch of ribbons attached to the bottom. The kids take turns pulling a ribbon in hopes that it will open. There is only one ribbon that will open the door on the bottom. So there was the making out of all the invites there was the cleaning of the house.

Cleaning seemed to take forever. It is amazing how you can get comfortable with all the stuff around you. Then when it is time to have a party you look around and realize that the house is trashed and it is going to take forever to get it all cleaned. Which it did take forever. I kept finding things that I wanted to do. The house did get clean in time and I am hoping to keep it that way.

The Birthday party was a big hit for James. He had a great time and got so much stuff. He had a pile of clothes up to the top of the arm of the chair! The poor child. ;) He of course got a nice selection of toys too. Sadly the MIL wasn't feeling well, but more on that later. So after the party was the next few days of clean up. Why is it that you find plates and cups days later no matter how hard you looked for them the days before?

Then on January 30th I went out to feed and watter the rabbits. The French doe was happily hopping in her cage. The English buck on the other hand had passed away some time that night. :(. He was fine the day before, so I don't know what happened. After reading on Ravelry and talking to some people there were many that died that day or within a few days. Kind of odd. I so miss him. He was so soft, cuddly and sweet. Yes they were in separate cages, so there was no foul play on the doe's part.

Remember when I said that my MIL wasn't feeling well at James' party? Yeah well she shouldn't have come because James started getting sick again a few days after the party. Now he has given it to me. It is some sort of upper respiratory thing. The cough is what is the killer. If the cough would just go away it would be so much better. So not only am I sick, achy, fever, cough, etc. so is James. That means he clings onto me so I can't even take a nice hot shower to hopefully feel better. Now Kevin is saying that he thinks that he is getting it now. I sure hope not. James is bad enough to deal with sick, Kevin is horrible! I hope that this goes away soon. I am exhausted and just want my life to be somewhat normal again.

Sorry for the unhappy post, but I wanted to let you all know where I have been. I have over 500 posts to read, so I will try and read them all, but I probably won't have the time to comment. Just know that I am reading and thinking of you all. Hopefully the next post will be soon and much happier.

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