Saturday, January 06, 2007

James' Socks

First off Thanks for all the Birthday wishes you gave my little man.

Here are the socks that I made for James. I am keeping them for his Birthday party to go with some clear boots that I got as well. Hummm maybe I should stuff the socks and get a picture of them in the boots.

I already know that he likes them since he carried the first one around the house after it was finished. LOL He is so silly.

I haven't tried them on him yet and the boots I know are too big at the moment for him, but he isn't getting any smaller that is for sure. I just hope that the socks either fit or are too big so he can grow into them.

They knit up so quickly. I loved the fact that I could get them done so fast and have something to show for it. I have more of the same color that I am going to use to knit up a pair for a friend's son. More on them later.

Now for the details:

Needles: Sz 4 Circular

Yarn: Cascade Fixation Black, Grey and White
1 ball will make a pair of socks for a child. I had a decent size ball left over.

Pattern: K1, P1 rib for cuff, generic stockinette for leg, round heel and a classic toe. Made to fit a Toddler size 8.

Sock #1

Start of Sock #2

Finished Socks

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