Friday, January 12, 2007

Secret Scarf

Not only did I send something to my friend's son, I also sent something to her too.

I found this yarn of course at my NSLYS. Sadly when I took these pictures there was no sun out so there was no natural light. I had to settle for using the flash and it completely washed out the color. I know it looks completely blue, but I swear that there are purples, pinks and hints of grey in there too.

The yarn is Wooly Feathers by Mountain Colors. The color is called Sweet Lavender. If you look at it on their web page it looks completely different than what I photographed.


Needles: Sz. 13 Straights

Yarn: Mountain Colors Wooly Feathers Sweet Lavender (1 skein)

Pattern: Completely garter stitch

This was another quick knit and the only pictures that I got of it is what you see. Wish I would have gotten more pictures, but I was more concerned that I got it out in the mail and to the recipient before Christmas. I was so glad to hear that she liked it.

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