Thursday, September 22, 2005


After James' Dr. appointment on Monday we stopped at Lambikins Hideaway to look at some of the new yarn that came in.

While we were there they had a few people cancel for the felted clog class. I was on the waiting list so they asked me if I wanted to take the class that evening. Heck yeah I did!! Now came the challenge. Kevin already had plans for the evening. So I needed to find someone to watch James. I called my Mom and she was screaming on the other line to bring him over. Boy that was a really hard sell (note: sarcasm). So I had to gather all my things, head home, get everything together for James, then head back to Hamilton to drop off James then get to Lambikins. I made it with a few minutes to spare. Boy was that a rush trying to get home and back, but my Mom was ecstatic to be able to watch James and I was happy to be able to take the class. I don't think James really cared too much either way, he was just glad to get out of the car seat.

Well my first class is over. They are really easy to do. The only thing is you have to concentrate on what you are doing because there is a LOT of counting. My next class is Monday. I was sooooo close to getting them both finished, but I ran out of the dark grey. AHHHHHHHH!!!! I have another unused skein of the light, so I will take that with me and trade it for the dark that I need.

They are made from 100% wool. Both colors are Reynolds Lopi and with the lighter color I have Artful Yarns Portrait. I can't wait to felt them and see how they turn out.

Clog #1

Clog #1 Side View

Beginning of Clog #2

Clog #2 Working on Toe Shaping

Clog #2 Working on Cuff

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