Saturday, December 30, 2006

Knee Warmers

No you didn't read the title wrong. These are not leg warmers. My mother-in-law is always saying that her knees are cold in the winter, especially at night. So my father-in-law gave me the idea to make her a pair of knee warmers for Christmas.

I think the hardest part of these were getting the measurements without her knowing it. My father-in-law said that she had tried some leg warmers and they fit, but after a little while they felt like they were cutting into her thy. So I asked him to look for them and I would just make them a little bigger. That was a no go. He searched high and low and couldn't find the dang things. I then saw that Cat Bordhi was looking for measurements of people's feet for a new book, I thought "ahhh haaaa! That's how I can get the measurements!" So I took all the measurements of her that I would need for socks and then some. She never questioned it. LOL So now I at least have her measurements if I want to make her a pair of socks. :)

I used a wool and soy blend that my NSLYS** had just recently got in. It is from Rowan and is called Tapestry. I used the Rustic colorway. I bought a bag of it since I had no clue how much one leg warmer would take. I only used just a little over 1 ball for each one. Of course with my mother-in-law leg measuring 15 1/2 inches at the largest part I didn't need much yarn. LOL So that added up to 2 and not even a half that I used. I really loved the colors of the yarn and I debated on taking back the rest, but I decided to keep it and make socks or something else. I bet it would make a lovely scarf as well.

I didn't get many pictures of them as they went along. I had so much knitting to get done that I didn't take the time out to take photos. Heck I thought that I took a picture of it with it's label and all, but I can't seem to find it, so I guess I thought about it and never did it.

Up Close and Personal

Beginning of Knee Warmer

First One Done

It's Twins

Another View


Needles: Sz 3 circulars

Yarn: Rowan Tapestry in Rustic (see above for link)

Pattern: Made it up on the fly. K2,P2 rib for cuff. Then changed to K1,P1 rib until the knee section. Knee section done in stockinette except for either side of the knee that has a few rows of 1x1 ribbing for more flexibility and hopefully won't bunch. The repeat the rib rows just the opposite as before.

My mother-in-law used them that night to sleep in and she said that she loved them. She said that they stayed up all night and didn't cut into her. She said that they were perfect. I am so glad that she likes them. I will knit for her again ;). Maybe I should make her a pair in alpaca. Oh that would be nice. Heck I could see her wearing both pair together. LOL

Thanks for all the sweet comments about the little hat in the last post. They will be off my list for sure. Come to find out my Mom went to visit them while they were still in the hospital. She had taken a gift for them and she said they didn't look in the bag to see what it was or say thanks. I am just dumbfounded. Needless to say the family is invited over to the new baby's grandparent's house today to see the baby. I had originally planned on going and of course I would have taken something for the baby, but not I am really thinking about not going. I am wondering if I should really waste my time with them. Maybe I will go to my NSLYS** and look at some yarn or something. At least there I feel welcome and appreciated.

Sara thanks for the info about the books. I swear I have the mitten book, but I don't see it on my list of books I have. I will have to look and see if I have it, if not I will have to see if Christina still has it.

Have a lovely day.

**NSLYS - Not So Local Yarn Store

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