Friday, April 07, 2006

More Finished and More in the Works

As I promised before here are some pictures of the Easter baskets that I have been working on. So far the ones that are finished are my niece's and Mom's. I need to felt my in-law's and I need to finish Kevin's and mine. They go fairly fast so I have been able to get a few of them worked on in the past week. I just hope that everyone likes them.

This one is for my Niece. She is 14 and I thought that she might enjoy the funky look of it.

Niece's Easter Basket

This one is for my Mom. She loves purple so I thought that she would like it.

Mom's Easter Basket

This one is the in-law's. My MIL likes darker colors and I know that she has the greens and blues in her home so I thought that this one would suit her. It still needs to be felted.

Mom's & Dad's Easter Basket (Unfelted)

I am in the process of knitting Kevin's basket. I am hoping that I will be able to finish it tonight.

Kevin's Easter Basket in Progress

I still need to work on mine and felt the in-laws, Kevin's and mine. I am hoping to get them all knitted by this weekend then get them felted by the beginning of next week. Guess I should get back to knitting. :)

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