Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I'm Back - Hoosier Hills Fiber Fest

First let me say to some of you that I have been commenting on your blogs. For some strange reason it isn't showing up. If I was a regular poster on your blog, I still am, it just isn't showing. I don't know if it is because of the new computer with all the new programing or what. I was told by Mandy of Mandys Knits that she was getting my comments, but for some reason they were going to her spam folder. So if you could please check your spam folders I might just be in there multiple times. So far the people that I have tried today are Knitter Bunny, Good Enough Mom, Boogie Knits, and Wendy Knits. None of them worked. It seems that if you post on Blogger or Typepad that I can leave a comment. I am stumped by what is going on.

So I did get a new computer/notebook. I decided on the Sony Vaio. It has IE 7 and Windows Vista so I am wondering if that has something to do with getting thrown into the spam filters. I have tried disabling and enabling the firewall and cookies and neither of them worked. I even tried to see if Firefox would work and nothing happened there. If you have any suggestions I am up for anything and if I am in your spam folder if you could please let me know so I don't go crazy over this, I would appreciate it.

I won't bore you with the details on the new computer unless you want to hear about it.

Wow so much has happened since I was actually able to sit down at a computer that worked for any length of time. There has been some knitting as well as spinning.

I have finished my first STR sock club kit. I have a picture of it on a CD somewhere so I will have to find where it is and post it at a later date. I have started my newest STR kit and only knit a few rows here and there since my new love seems to be spinning.

Speaking of spinning and all things fiber related. There is a fiber festival in Franklin, Indiana this weekend. It is the Hoosier Hills Fiberarts Festival. I am so excited. I have been told that it sounds like a good one too. If anyone is interested in meeting up let me know and we can plan a time. I will be there on Saturday.

I have been asked by Susie to do a review of my Sonata. I will do that for you in my next post Susie. In the mean time go take a look at her Etsy shop.

Since I can't leave you with just words alone. I will leave you with a picture of what James did yesterday.

He had quite a bit of fun. I can say that he can wind the reel with the best of them.

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