Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My Etsy Store!!

I finally did it. I got my own Etsy store. It was much easier that I thought that it would be. Now I am just hoping to sell some of my things. If you know anyone that might be interested please give them my link. If there is some thing that you might want that isn't listed I will do my best to make it for you.

Click on the picture and it will take you to my store.

Etsy Store

Now I need to get it smaller for the side bar and I should be set. Then it will be knit, knit, knit to make more things for it.

Wish me luck.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Baby Hats - Need Your Help

I have made a few baby hats that I am wanting to sell either on eBay or Etsy. I am wanting to at least get my money for the yarn and a little for my time. The yarn is a good quality cotton/cotton blend yarn from my LYS.

I have shown them to my Mom and she told me that I should sell them for $25.00. I just don't know if I can get that out of them. I know that some people are willing to pay for hand made items and the work that you have put into it, but there are so many that won't.

This is where I need your help. I am wondering what you think? What would you sell them for? What would you be willing to pay for them?

I didn't use a full skein for a hat, but I don't have nearly enough to make another one. I might get 1/4 of a hat from what is left, so unless I make one that is striped out of all the left overs I can only get one hat per skein. I was hoping to get 2, but that was not the case.

Please leave me any and all comments and advice that you might have for me in this venture. I am looking to just make some money to support my yarn addiction. I appreciate all of your advice.

Thanks for all your help!!

Baby Hats

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Cocoon Shrug

I am making some progress on my cocoon shrug. I have been told that I might be the first one from the class to get it finished! I am amazed that some of the other people I had class with haven't finished yet.

I am getting antsy to get it finished. I have made a modification in the pattern with the sleeves. I decided to make some strategic decreases so it is more form fitting to my arm instead of the one large tube that the pattern calls for. I like the decreases much better.

I am beginning to feel like I am never going to get it finished. I guess it is because most of the knitting that I have been doing you decrease as you go along. This pattern you are increasing so it makes every other round longer. I am trying to be patient and not get discouraged. I really like how it is turning out. I think that part of the problem is I want it done so I can take it and show it off. I guess it is better to make progress and feel like you are making progress than to feel like you are getting no where fast.

I will leave you with a few more pictures of my progress.

Shrug circle

Shrug Close Up

Shrug w/ Partial Arm

Monday, August 07, 2006

The Final Pictures of the Frisky Shrug

As I had said a while ago, the frisky shrug is finished. It is finally to it's owner and out of my hands. Yeah! I swear that the thing was out to get me. I had to reorder yarn twice! I really think it was eating it at night.

It turned out really cute. I really liked the softness and fuzzy qualities of the yarn. Despite all the hurdles I had to jump to get it done, it was still a fun knit. I would knit it again if I had a request for it. Heck I might even knit one for myself.

I am so glad that she liked it. Granted it turned out a little bigger than I anticipated, but she can grow into it.

Here are the final pictures of it before heading to my niece.

Here is my niece modeling it for me. Isn't she pretty!? She looks so much older than 14! Her Daddy is going to have to keep that shot gun close by to keep the boys away that is for sure.

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