Friday, December 15, 2006

Done Done Done

Did I mention that I am done?.

My niece's socks are done! I finished them last night in the wee hours.

It seemed like it took just as long to weave in the ends as it did to knit them. I really dislike the process of weaving in ends. No matter how I go about it, it just takes forever. I have thought about using the ends like stranded knitting and wrapping them in as I go. I wonder how well that would work. Anyone ever done this or use this method?

Any way, they are brightly colored that is for sure. She is so into the bright colors now. She just got a new bedding set and it has all the bright colors in it with big flowers. The socks should match. LOL


Needles: Sz. 1 Ebony 5 Double Point Lantern Moon

Yarn: 1 Ball Regia Sock Yarn Bright Orange (Sorry lost the label so that is all I have)
1 Skein Lorna's Laces Rainbow

Since there was only one skein of the LL's I used the Regia for the cuff, heel, and toe. They were knit from top down with a round heal and classic toe.

I hope that she likes them.

After finishing them I cast on for the toddler socks. They will be black, grey and white. They should look zebraish (yes it is a word in my mind LOL). I did a few rows before I headed to bed at 2 this morning. Hopefully these will go quick. They are much smaller and are on larger needles, so they should go faster.

I am using Cascade Fixation for these and size 4 needles. Here's hoping that I can bust a move and get them done quick.

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