Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!!

We will be spending our New Year's Eve at home. Nothing exciting or anything. Just hoping that at midnight James won't wake from all the fireworks and ruckus that normally goes on.

Speaking on midnight.... I can say that I will be reflecting back to a year a go. I spent last New Year's Eve in the hospital in anticipation of the arrival of our baby boy. I gave myself a gift at midnight and decided to finally take the epidural. I was told that there was no hope for me to have a vaginal birth so the Dr. would be coming in the morning to do a c-section. Since both baby and I were stable and doing fine my Dr. told them that he would come in the morning so that I could get some sleep after the epidural kicked in. I can say I was grateful for the sleep. After 30 plus hours of induced labor that was giving me contractions one on top of the other, I was ready for some serious sleep.

Tomorrow at 9:38 am will be James' 1st birthday. I can't believe it! What happened to the last year? Where did the time go?

I hope everyone has a safe, healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.

See you in 2006!

Friday, December 30, 2005

My Wish List

Ok so, I have been asked by a few people what I want for my birthday. I really don't need anything. If you feel it necessary to get me something I would really like a gift card from LAMBIKIN'S HIDEAWAY . Christina makes it really easy on you. All you need to do is give her a call, tell her the $$ amount you want on it, give her your payment info and you can have it either mailed to you, me or have her keep it there for the next time I am in the shop.

PLEASE NOTE: Before clicking on the link below make sure that you are not signed in to Amazon or it will take you to some other page.

Or I have my WISH LIST of books.

Nothing to big and exciting, but that is what I would like to have.

Yet Another Stupid Mistake

I have been working on my niece's pink shrug the past few days. I had gotten as far as the shaping of the arm holes on the back when I had to stop and attend to James. Well I had been keeping track of the rows like I normally do in my little note book. Nothing wrong there, but when I returned I realized that I had left the pen cap off and had laid the shrug next to it to where it just touched the tip of the pen. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I am using Frisky for the shrug and the fuzziness just wicked the ink right into it. I tried to blot the ink from it, but that was just making it worse. So the only thing that I could do was to rip it back to the stain (well over half way down) and take out the rows that were damaged. I swear that I think this kid's stuff is possessed or something. It seems that no matter what I do there is something fighting against me on her projects. While I was at my LYS I picked up the last ball of it that she had. I just hope that it is enough to finish the shrug. If not I might be posting to see if anyone might just have the color and dye lot that I need.

I guess you learn from your mistakes. From now on I will only use pencil to keep track of rows and such in my note book. What a way to learn not to use a pen.

Dang Clogs!

I was so hoping that I would be able to get the clogs done for my niece before Christmas. Well that Friday before I ran out of yarn that morning. All I had to do was make the 2nd sole for the 2nd clog! All the rest was finished, except for felting. I make a quick call to my LYS and quickly realize that I forgot they were going to be closed on Friday through Monday for the Christmas holiday. Stupid, Stupid me!!!

I now have got the yarn that I need to finish them. I called to my LYS and they had 2 skeins of the color that I needed, so I had Christina put one back for me. I am so glad that she had what I needed. I was beginning to sweat it not knowing. I can't believe that I ran out of yarn.

I did show them to my niece over the weekend so she knew what happened and that I was working on them and I will get them to her as soon as I can. All I need to do is to make the other sole and felt them then they will be ready to go to their new owner.

Guess I should get on it. :)

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!!!

I just wanted to wish everyone....

Merry Christmas!!!!

I hope that Santa brings you everything that you wished for.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Back Burner

Well all my projects are now pushed to the back burner so I can get some Christmas knitting done and finished. I have a scarf, clogs and 30 ornaments to make. Hopefully I can get most of the scarf finished today and get to working on some of the ornaments. I know that the ornaments go rather quick so I can get some of them done then start to work on the felted clogs and go back to the ornaments. It is nice that our Christmas celebrations with the families are spaced out so I can work on things that need to go to the first group then have time to knit the things that go to the next one.

Guess I should get to work instead of blogging. :)

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