Saturday, August 18, 2007

Cormo Fleece

Have you ever seen, felt, or caressed Cormo wool??? If not you need to get your fingers in some. Hurry run, go now! Don't know where to find any? I do. =) If you are nice I might even tell you where you can get this luscious fiber.

It is so soft. It honestly reminds me of the fake spider web that you buy for Halloween, but in a good way. It wants to spin up very fine and I think would make a great lace weight. The stuff that I have still has some of the lanolin in it, so it is a dream to spin.

Just look at that soft fluffy goodness.

So do you want to know where I got it? Any guesses?

Of course I got it from Susan's Store. As far as I know she still has some and I know that she is planning on getting more. So run as fast as you can and get some. You know that you want to.

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