Monday, August 27, 2007


There are 2 blogs that are having contests! Go over and check them out.

Go here over to This Kitten Knits and leave her a comment for her blogiversary. Let her know I sent you and I get an extra entry.


Go over to HollYarns and enter her contest. She wants to know who taught you to knit and how old you were. Tell her I sent you and I will get an extra entry.

Here is my learing to knit story. I would love to know yours.

I taught myself to knit. I was 25 when I taught myself from a book. My very first project was a pair of knee socks for my then 6'6" size 16 foot boy friend (now husband). It was quite the undertaking and I learned a HUGE lesson that there are yarns for socks and yarns that are for other things.

We do rev. war reenactments and after the 3rd wearing the heals decentagrated. He didn't want to tell me because he knew how hard I worked on them. Finally he got up the gutts and told me. I was crushed, not because I blamed him, but because I thought it was my work. It turned out to be the yarn.

I ended up not knitting again until I was pregnant with our child. I got some yarn for blankets since I was sure that it was my knitting that was bad and I should be able to make a blanket, right? That was when I learned of sock yarn. I was so glad to hear that it wasn't me, but the yarn. So after that I decided to take some classes to hone my skills and to learn new techniques. That was almost 3 years ago and the rest is history. :)


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