Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Coming Together Slowly

Here we have the completed front fair isle. I still have some more rows of the plain old blue to knit then it will be placed on some waste yarn so I can work on the back fair isle section.

Here is a different angle of it. It is a really cool pattern and I just love to watch how it slowly forms as I am knitting.

I will do the sleeves before I work any farther on the front or back so I will have a better idea of how much plain blue to knit before I join the top back in the round again.

I am really loving the way that this is coming together. So far the pattern has been easy to read and straight forward. I have read ahead though and the neck shaping and such and it seems a but cryptic. I will have to read it more carefully when I get to that point and see if I can go step by step to understand what they are trying to say.

At the rate that I am going I should have it done by the end of winter. LOL

Here is the beginnings of the first sleeve. I will knit in blue for quite some time then start another fair isle pattern before adding a few more rows of blue then casting off.

This first sleeve is coming along nicely. I am so anxious to get this finished.

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