Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year & Happy Birthday

I wanted to wish you all a Very Happy New Year!

It has been really wonderful being able to share all my kitting accomplishments, learning experiences, tears and happy moments. 2006 has been a pretty good year for knitting and I look forward to 2007 being better.

I have learned so much in 2006. The most important thing that I learned is what the owner of my NSLYS has always told me. "If you can knit and purl you can do anything." I have NEVER been told that I couldn't do some thing whenever I have looked at really fancy, intricate patterns or techniques on Monday night knitting. I have ALWAYS been encouraged to give it a try and if I ever needed any help that they were there to help me. The workers are so sweet and helpful. I really don't think I would have kept knitting if I didn't find the shop.

I think that my plan for 2007 is to get some sort of binder. Then go through all my books listing all the things I would like to knit or already have yarn to knit, what book they are in, what yarn and needles that they require and if I need to get anything to knit each item. I need to get more organized and I think that is where I should start. Sadly I have yarn that I have bought for a project and I never got the chance to get to it. Now I have to try and remember what it was I was going to make with it. Hence the binder and notes. ;) I do believe that is where I will start on my knitting journey for 2007.

Well as of Jan. 1, 2007 9:38 am our baby boy will be 2! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE MAN!!

I can't believe he will be 2 already. I swear that it seems just like yesterday that I brought him home from the hospital. Why does the time go by so fast? I have had so much fun watching him grow and mature into a toddler. He is so smart and funny. I honestly don't know what we ever did without him. I Love him more and more every day.

I can say that I have been blessed with being able to stay home with him. I have got to see all his firsts, teach him, play with him, learn and grow together and being able to be here for him no matter the time of day or night.


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