Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Thank Yous All Around


Recently I won a contest that Brooke had a contest. She was giving away some wonderful prizes to the 500th commenter.

I happened across her blog from seeing a comment she left on a friend's blog. I had no clue that she was having a contest let alone that leaving a comment introducing myself to her, since she does live some what in the area I am in, would win me some nice goodies.

Thank you Brooke! Every thing arrived safe and sound and is just wonderful.

Here is the bootee all together. Lace weight Orange and Yellow KnitPicks yarn, Jawoll for socks for James, Green yarn winder, little wooden sheep and 3 stitch markers that were in the little drawl string bag.

A closeup of the KnitPicks yarn.

Close up of the cute little sheep and the stitch markers. The one on the far right has the word "create" stamped into it.

Now I need a pattern for the laceweight. Anyone have any suggestions???


Last night at my FNSLYS they had a birthday party for me! It was a really nice surprise. We had a great time knitting, talking and of course laughing. Mindy even brought Liam to see everyone!

Not only did we have some yummy food, they also had gifts for me! I got some really cute cards, a gift card to Lambikins and Susan made her chocolate peanut clusters (OK I have to tell you that they are to die for) and she gave me my own tin of them. I am blaming any weigh gain on you, Susan, just so you know. ;)

Thank you everyone for the fun. Man I could eat a pretzel right now. LOL

Yes the picture was taken on James' Car's table. LOL I use it for my lap top and knitting while he is sleeping. ;) Shhhhh don't let him know.

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