Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Visiting an UFO

Last year I started a fair isle sweater for James. Sadly it ended up getting put in the knitting basket for later knitting and I just never picked it back up. I was learning so many new things in the land of knitting and I was so excited about it all that I was trying to knit everything at once. Which means that my old projects were neglected.

I am using the pattern from the Dale book # 149. It is this one on the front cover. Of course I am using different colors and added a few stripes in the pattern. I have held up what I have finished so far to see how it will fit the wee one and it is going to be big still. I am so glad.

THIS is where I stopped last year on it. So I picked it up from there and have started to make some progress on it.

It is no longer being knit in the round. Call me a wimp, but I just can't bring myself to steek it. I am not that brave yet and my sewing skills, or lack there of, leave a lot to be desired that is for sure. So I split it for the front and back.

I am a little farther than this on it, but I need to get pictures and all that fun stuff.

I am so excited about it again and I would love to be able to get it finished so that James could wear it this winter some time, if the weather would cooperate that is.

I am hoping to revisit all my UFO's that have been ignored. I really need to get some of them finished. Heck I have a pair of gloves that only need a few fingers knit in and then the ends woven in. I have a problem with being monogamous with my knitting. I think I need to work on that. ;)

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