Thursday, January 18, 2007

Knit Fix

For Christmas I received a gift card to a LYS that is about 10 minutes away from me. They are mainly for machine knitting so if you are a machine knitter or know one and you haven't been to the store you should make it a point to go.

They do have some nice yarns for hand knitters, but none of them spoke to me that day. So I went to look at the books, and then I saw it. Knit Fix was staring at me calling my name.

I have been wanting this book since I have seen reviews of it. Sadly my NSLYS hasn't gotten it in yet, so I decided that is what I would get.

I am so happy with it. There are so many techniques in it to fix any little to huge mistake. Granted there are a few that I already do, but there are even more that I have never seen, would never have thought of, or had no clue that you could do.

This is a great book for the beginner to the experienced knitter. I am very happy with my purchase and it will be added to my knitting reference library that I am slowly building.

Granted I hope that I never have to get the book out to use it, but I know that I will sooner before later. :) If you don't have it yet go out and get it. It will make a good addition to your library too.

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