Saturday, June 17, 2006

Annie's Cocoon Shrug Class

At the end of May my LYS had Annie Modesitt in to teach some classes.

I was lucky enough to be able to take a few of them. They were awesome! She is such a wonderful teacher! She had just the right amount of humor, patients, stories and knitting knowledge to make the classes entertainingly educational. We all know that sitting in a 6 hour class can drag by, but man did the time fly in her classes. The only time that I wanted to stop was for lunch and that was only because my stomach was telling me I had to. You know this girl can't miss a meal. LOL

I can't wait to get my Cocoon Shrug finished. Not like the weather is really great to be wearing a wool shrug, but I want to have it when the weather decides to cool down. I have been diligently working on it when my son will let me. :)

I can say that once you learn the 2 section repeat it is an easy and fun knit. It is really neat the way that she had make the pattern so that you can figure out how to make it for the an infant if you want or yourself. Just 2 measurements and 2 simple formulas and you have everything that you need to make one to perfectly fit. How cool is that?!

Also the Cocoon Shrug can be worn 2 ways. One way you have a long collar and it is short along your back. Then if you flip it over the collar will be short and the back long like a jacket! How cleaver is that?! 2 garments in one knit. I am so there!

I will have some pictures of my progress in another post later.

I would recommend taking any of her classes if you have the chance. They were great!

Thanks Annie for 3 GREAT classes. I hope that you come back to Lambikins soon.

Here are some pictures of the sample Cocoon Shrug that Annie brought for us to see and drool over. Great motivation. :) Christina (the owner of Lambikins) is the one modeling it.

Cocoon Shrug Class

Front of a Cocoon Shrug

Back as Shrug with Long Collar

Back as Jacket with Short Collar

Annie also brought a sample of her Corset pattern. It was gorgeous!!!! Aimee (that is pronounced Ah-Mee NOT Amy) was kind enough to model it so I could get some pictures. I hate her for her body! ;) I just love the corset. That will be something I can look forward to knitting if I could ever loose some weight.

Corset Front - Aimee, you are just Beautiful!

Corset Back - Ok so you wouldn't normally wear it with sweat pants LOL, but come on it was a 6 hour class. We all came for comfort.

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