Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Frisky Shrug Update

It is finally to the blocking stage!!!!

It has been blocked and removed from the board. I took it to my LYS on Monday for help on how to sew it up since I have never sewn up anything before. I was asked if I would mind waiting until next Monday because the owner has a class this week on finishing and sewing techniques. So she just might come back with an ingenious way to go about it. I was more than up for that so it went back in my back for next Monday.

I can't wait for it to be finally finished. I am sure my Niece has thought I have completely forgot about her. I PROMISE I haven't!

After running out of the original stash that I bought I had to have my LYS look for more. Ok I got more then ran out again!!! So we went through the same process again. So now it is knit and blocked and I HOPE that I will have enough yarn to finish sewing it together. I should I have at least 3 balls left.

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