Monday, May 15, 2006

Leon - You Will be Missed!

Last night our Black Lab, Leon passed away in his sleep. He was almost 9 years old. He was such a sweet, caring, compassionate and loyal friend and family member.

Today he was laid to rest next to his friend on my In-Law's farm with his bed. He has a nice peaceful place to rest. I can just imagine him and my Dad together in heaven. My Dad is in his recliner with Leon laying at his feet. Take good care of him Dad - I know that you loved him too and he loved you.

The best that anyone can guess that happened is a heart attack while sleeping. He was in the same position that he always lays to sleep when we go to bed at night, so it just looked like he fell asleep and some time in the night slipped away. I just couldn't stand to take his body to the vet for an autopsy. I just wanted to let him rest in peace.

Remington is doing ok. He seems a little confused, but is alright. He isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, but he is really sweet and always happy, so I think he will do ok. He is liking the extra loving that I have been giving him. The cat couldn't care one way or the other, but the cat really isn't very social anyway.

I know that some people probably think that I am crazy. People are saying that he was only a dog. Our pets have always been raised as part of our family. I have always gotten attached to my animals and it is hard to see them go. Really hard sometime - like now. I have been crying off and on all day. I so wish that he wouldn't have passed away, but I am glad that he didn't suffer. My heart aches and my chest is so heavy with grief. I know that time will make it better, but it is just so hard to see the light right now. Guess I need to go through my grieving process and I will begin to feel better.

Please remember me in this time of sadness. Thanks.

L to R Leon (Black Lab), Winston (Black Cat) & Remington (White Lab)

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