Friday, December 30, 2005

Yet Another Stupid Mistake

I have been working on my niece's pink shrug the past few days. I had gotten as far as the shaping of the arm holes on the back when I had to stop and attend to James. Well I had been keeping track of the rows like I normally do in my little note book. Nothing wrong there, but when I returned I realized that I had left the pen cap off and had laid the shrug next to it to where it just touched the tip of the pen. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I am using Frisky for the shrug and the fuzziness just wicked the ink right into it. I tried to blot the ink from it, but that was just making it worse. So the only thing that I could do was to rip it back to the stain (well over half way down) and take out the rows that were damaged. I swear that I think this kid's stuff is possessed or something. It seems that no matter what I do there is something fighting against me on her projects. While I was at my LYS I picked up the last ball of it that she had. I just hope that it is enough to finish the shrug. If not I might be posting to see if anyone might just have the color and dye lot that I need.

I guess you learn from your mistakes. From now on I will only use pencil to keep track of rows and such in my note book. What a way to learn not to use a pen.

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