Thursday, December 07, 2006

Keep on Knittin' Knittin', Knittin'

I have been busily knitting away. I have made a pair of socks for James, a scarf for a friend, have one sock finished for my niece and am currently working on a fair isle baby hat. I still need to make another pair of child's socks and the second sock for my niece.

The fair isle hat has to be finished this weekend. I am so close to getting to the decreases that I can almost taste it. I am not using a pattern and am just winging it. I hope that it turns out ok. It is just a simple spiral pattern. I am using Baby Ull in a nice blue and green. I hope that the recipients like it.

The socks for my niece have to be finished by the following weekend.

Unfortunately I just don't get much knitting time in. James doesn't want me knitting when he is awake. While he is napping I am running through the house to get some general cleaning and such done and I don't get to do much then. In the evening I finish up cleaning up and putting James to bed. By the time that is all finished it is normally close to 10 or so. I get a few precious hours to do some knitting as long as the dog behaves and James doesn't wake with a night terror or something of the sort. So the little time that I do get is quite precious.

I will post pictures of some of the things that I have listed above as soon as I get pictures of them and get them on the computer.

Have a great day.

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