Thursday, December 14, 2006

Just Around the Bend

My niece's socks need to be finished and to her this Sunday. Ahhhhh! I do have the first one finished and have a good portion of the second one done, but the knitting seems to be going slower and slower as the time ticks by faster and faster. I only have 33 more rows to go before I can start the toe decrease. I am hoping that I will be able to get to the toe decreases by tomorrow evening so that I might have them finished by Friday. *Sigh*

After my niece's socks are finished I have to immediately cast on for a toddler pair. They should go faster since they are much smaller and use a bigger needle and yarn. They, in all theory, should only take me a few days at the most to finish.

I was taking some boxes to the basement today and found my gloves that I never finished last year. I have 3 fingers and a thumb to do and they will be finished. After all the holiday hustle and bustle I plan on getting them back out so I can finish them and get them off my list. I can't believe that I never finished them. I guess more interesting projects came along. LOL I need to get them done so that I can wear them this winter, that is if the weather would turn cold and quit teasing us with the warm weather that we have been having.

Well I am going to take my sock and head to bed. I guess I will knit a few rounds before I completely turn in. Call it my wind down rows. ;)

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