Friday, September 23, 2005

My Newest Needle Obsession

Ok so I have been hearing so much about the Lantern Moon knitting needles. I have to admit I am an Addi Turbo girl. I really have never been impressed with any of the wooden needles. To me they seem to like to keep a hold of the yarn and the metal ones knit so much smoother.

I was at Lambikins yet again and needed a size 8 needle. Out of my entire collection of needles, not one of them was a size 8. So I decided to give the Lantern Moon needles a try. I have to say I am in love. They are so smooth and knit so well. I am going to have to slowly add them to my collection. They are a little more expensive than the other needles, but with how nice they are they are well worth the few extra dollars.

I never thought that I would ever be a straight wood needle knitter, but I am a changed woman. I do have to say that if I am knitting something large like an afghan or something of the sort I will use my Addi Circular needles, but I think for the smaller things I will be using the Lantern Moon needles.

If you have never tried them I recommend running to you nearest yarn store and giving them a try. If they don't sell them, I would advise them to start. I know that once a few people try them they won't be able to keep them on the shelf.

Lantern Moon Needles

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