Monday, September 12, 2005

Swatches for Class Tonight

Well here they are. Here are my wonderful knitted swatches ready to go for class tonight. I hope that they are exactly what I was supposed to do. I guess we will find out this evening if they are up to spec.

Galway Yarn and Knitted Swatches

Swatch on Size 6 Needles

Swatch on Size 8 Needles

Swatch on Size 9 Needles

Swatch on Size 8 Needles (K2, P2 Rib)

My next class is on Wednesday. In this one we will be knitting a pumpkin. We can either make a felted or non-felted one. I think that I am leaning toward the felted one since I have never done it before. Plus felting hides any mistakes you might have made :) I figure that I can always make the non-felted one later.

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