Friday, September 16, 2005

James' Newest Blanket

Here it is..... it is finally finished!!! I only started it while I was in the hospital waiting for James to make his appearance. So that is what...... 8 1/2 months. Wow I guess you can say that it was a rather old UFO. Now that it is finished I can go onto other things that I am wanting to do. I have learned so much from the few classes that I have taken so far that I want to put it all to use.

The blanket was made from Bernat Cottontots Wonder Dreams. I used a total of 14 skeins and the finished size is 43"x67". So it turned out to be a decent size that he can use as he gets bigger. He already likes it so that is good. It would have been terrible if I would have gone through all that work just for him not to like it. I think I would of had to shoot myself.

Now my conundrum is what to start next. I guess it is off to the books for some ideas. I don't want to get too involved in something since I still have classes to take that is going to require time to get projects finished. Hummmmmmm.... any ideas?

James' Newest Blanket

James' Blanket Close-up

James' Blanket Close-Up

James' Blanket Folded

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