Thursday, December 06, 2007

Insurance - What's the Point?

So most of you have read about Kevin and his surgery that he had to have. We do have insurance through where he works. The insurance used to be awesome. They paid the way an insurance company should. We only paid our co-pay when going anywhere and the rest was paid 100%. Sadly the insurance came up for review and they decided to go for a cheaper (for the company not the employee) insurance.

Now the bills are rolling in and most of them are saying that the insurance isn't paying and it is our responsibility. It took me 10 months fighting with them just to get them to pay James and my generic Dr. bill. Grrrrr. So we are facing some pretty big bills.

What does this mean to you???

Since we need the money to pay the outrageous deductible I will be culling some of my stash. There will be some Malabrigo and some sock yarns. If you are looking for anything special let me know I might just have it.

I will list my items here first for my readers then Monday I will add them to the destash sites.

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